View Full Version : loosing bolts on interior

06-15-2011, 01:49 PM
ok let me try and explain without any photos for now. in the bow of the boat (1999 PS 205) on the right side (drivers side /starbord?) the back rest pad that raps around from the front to just under the windshield has a point that it comes to in the front that is bolted from the inside of the upper half of the hull. well the bolt is now missing and i cannot figure out how to get in there to re bolt. anything that you all know that i am missing. i cannot reach up far enough from under the seats my arm gets stuck about half way.

06-15-2011, 02:59 PM
On my 2005 Maristar 210, I had a seat back cushion come loose, I had to lift up and remove the seat cushions and reach up behind and re-attach. Pain in the posterior, there are needles of fiberglass waiting for you, and they attach to a stud that screws into the cushion, then a washer and nut to pull it against the fiberglass back. I not sure what to tell you about not being able to reach it. Maybe pull the cushion forward and put the bolt back in, then maybe using a rachet with the nut in the socket, reach and try to get it on the threads of the bolt and tighten.