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06-15-2011, 10:59 AM
Found a 6.5ng module for $100 and now need the the rest of the stuff for sister's 1999 Cobalt 202cs.

It took awhile to get an answer from skiertoskier (email address errors)......however, the parts from Perfect Pass vs. skiertoskier are different. Mainly, the "rpm sensor".

What is the rpm sensor? Perfect Pass did not include it in their quote.

Here is what I got from the two sources.

First quote:
Multi Line Display $190.
Small Parts Bag $36.
Servo with Cable $209
Power Cable from MasterControl to Servo $45.
12 volt power cable to MasterControl $30.
RPM sensor $45

Second quote:
3.5 inch Multi Line Display Black / AG Bezel $199 (First V LCD)
RPM Cable (Rings) $48
12v Power Cable $35
Servo Motor c/w Bracket $224
& Scorpion Cable (Scorpion bracket & sheet)
Brass L Adapter $12