View Full Version : 2001 X-30 Transmission light not connected to anything??!!

06-08-2011, 03:00 PM
We bought a used 2001 X-30 last year. We don't know any history on the boat, but it seems to be in very good condition.

I was crawing around under the dash installing a Perfect Pass unit when I noticed that the wires on the back of the blue transmission light on the dash are simply hanging free and not attached to anything.

Our boat has the ZF Hurth Marine Model HS4 630 V1-1.55 V-drive in it.
I've read that the Walthers transmission has the low oil light, but haven't seen any mention of the light with the ZF Hurth transmission.

Did they just build these boats with the light installed and only hook it up if it had the appropriate transmission? Or should the light be wired to something?

Any thoughts or information on this would be appreciated!