View Full Version : LQ9 Heat Exchanger damage from freezing

06-01-2011, 12:23 PM
I recently purchased a 2003 X9 with the LQ9 this winter from an individual that had already been winterized, so the seller said. I should have gave it a test run but thats another story. Anyway, I got it all ready for the weekend, and when I started it in the water the bilge started filling with water from both sides of the heat exchanger. I was at a loss, for this is my first inboard, untill I ran across a post on this site. I thought I should share my fix so it may help out others in the future.

When I removed the exchanger I was able to see that the end caps were pushed out and not able to seal. I then removed the bolts that hold the end plates on to discover that the ends have what was described as a peace sign. This is what was pushed out from the water freezing in the exchanger. I put the exchager on a press and pressd the ends back to make them flush with the ends. The exchanger is made of brass so it pressed easily without cracking. I then put the gaskets and end caps on and took the unit to a radiator shop to have it pressure tested. No leaks and I saved myself the $600 that a new exchanger would have cost me. Hope this helps someone in the future.