View Full Version : Hot starting 96 205

06-01-2011, 09:36 AM
I have read a few threads on hot starting with the TBI but haven't seen my exact symptoms. After running the boat for a few hours (skiing, switching skiers and going again) the boat wouldn't start in the slip. I took off the flame arrestor to see no fuel coming out of the injectors. I also couldn't hear the fuel pump. I checked the fuses and one was blown. I replaced the fuse, not knowing it if was even related to the fuel pump, and as soon as the put the fuse in the pump came on for 3 seconds. I tried to start it and still no fuel. I checked the screen at the bottom of the pump and the fuel filter, which were both clean. The pump wasn't consistently coming on, so I started messing with the relay. I could feel it clicking on and off but the pump was still not coming on. With a test light we would only get power to the pump after waiting for a minute between trying. Still wouldnt start. We finally got fuel pressure by holding the fuel line up above the pump and turning the key to run. Reconnected everything and it started and ran great. After a hard run the next morning we took an hour and a half break and the same thing happened. This time I tried a few other things first and "venting" the gas cap was suggested and to appease the person I did it and it immediately started, which doesn't make any sense because the tank is vented already. Could have been a coincidence. My question is could this be vapor lock? Bad fuel pump relay? Bad fuel pump? It seemed to me like the pump wasn't getting power long enough to pressurizing the system. As you all know, this is very frustrating when there are ten people there waiting for you to fix the boat.

06-02-2011, 09:50 AM
Is the tank vent hose kinked or plugged up somehow (wasp nest, spider nest)?