View Full Version : 85 Mastercraft, minor refurbish

06-01-2011, 12:17 AM
I bought a non running 85 slot a week ago. Needed a starter and steering cable. I put a car starter on it just to make sure motor wasn't locked up before I bought any parts. Motor turned over and I had spark out of coil but it wouldn't fire. Opened cap up and the points were pretty much gone. I put a parts list together, starter, steering cable with new guts at steering wheel, gas filter, electronic conversion kit cap rotor plugs wires and drained tank.
Now for the hopefully minor things I have not figured out yet. After cranking motor over the trans was turning the shaft. I kinda remember on my other boats that the shaft would sometimes turn when motor was running ever so slightly. After getting tune up parts installed I split the coupling at the shaft to prevent it from turning and damaging the strut bearing. Motor fired, ran well after it warmed up and even started with no pumping the throttle. But, the coupler from the trans was still turning, I gently pit my shoe on it and it still turned. The boat will not start if it's in gear so I don't think I have a nuetral safety switch problem. I put it in gear, forward and reverse and it changes direction.
Could some thing be slightly rusted or frozen up in the trans. I'm thinking of decoupling the shaft and putting it in the water and maybe with load attached to the trans. (the prop) that will be enough to stop the shaft from turning. Or maybe it will break it loose. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Also the rubber pushing on the rear motor mount was dry rotted and kinda got pushed out. I couldn't find a sticky or a procedure for removing and aligning everything back up. I see adjustment threads with lock nuts but I am afraid to start turning any of the 4 mounts until I do a little more research. Thanks for the replys