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05-31-2011, 10:49 PM
I have a 2004 Prostar 197 that I purchased this winter. The boat was supposedly swamped, according to the person I purchased it from the engine was pickled by a marina but thats about all I know. This is my first Mastercraft so I am struggling a little finding parts and information. I have listed some question below, if anyone has some input I would appreciate it, thanks.

Where can I purchase parts online? For example I am looking for a release handle for the engine cover. (Dog house) An alternator and a starter.

Where can I find an electrical schematic for this boat?

The engine cover is in poor condition, I would like to have it reupholstered as close to original as possible.

06-01-2011, 08:39 AM
NoWake 197,
I know many people on here use http://www.skidim.com/. I've never used them myself, but I hear great things from them. They should have most on your engine parts, alternators, starters, etc. Some things you are looking for may only be found at MasterCraft dealers.


06-01-2011, 08:48 AM
Alternator (http://www.skidim.com/searchprods.asp?searchstring=alternator&pagenumber=1&sort_on=&sort_by=)

Starter (http://www.skidim.com/searchprods.asp?searchstring=starter&pagenumber=1&sort_on=&sort_by=)

As for upholstery I have heard good things about this guy:

Jim - "Upholstery Guy"
(865) 995 0607 Hm (BSURE 2 LVMSGE)
(865) 679 2246 Cph (ANYTM UPTO 9PM EST)
[email protected]

as well as


however, any good local shop should be able to take care of that for you. Just make sure you see some examples of their past work (speaking from experience).

06-01-2011, 08:50 AM
on top of what airdrew99 said, get a good relationship started with a dealer around you. Becoming friends with the dealer crew can and will help you in the long run. Now, unfortunately, every dealer is not going to be so quick to help you unless you throw money at them, but not all are like that. Ask around here about a good dealer in your area, someone might know of one. You can also call Bay Area Water Sports, located in Land O Lakes, FL. They are a GREAT dealer and always willing to help fellow owners out, plus they have the ability to get hard to get items for older boats. Jim and Chuck (owners) are great people, love these boats and love to help and support our passions.

If you ever wanted to call them just to ask a question, their number is in my sig. [email protected] is also a active member on here.