View Full Version : 92 Maristar 454 beeper/buzzer

05-31-2011, 02:17 PM
Old boat, 92 Maristar 240 w/454 Indmar no fancy schmancy electronics.

Last fall the oil pressure/high temperature piezo started chirping here and there, but disconnecting the oil sender would shut it up so I bought a new one and all was better for a bit then it started chirping again.

This spring it just beeps constantly until I get above 40PSI on the oil gauge.
finally in frustration I disconnected the pressure gauge and it shut up ... but will still chirp once/twice whilst zipping across the lake.

I cant find any schematic of how this warning circuit works.
Got a call into Mastercraft but am waiting for a callback.

Anyone know how the oil/temperature warning system beeper works on these older boats?