View Full Version : where IS that link?

05-29-2011, 09:34 AM
Looking for the definitive "here is how to replace the impeller on a 2002 x-star" including part number and a reminder on impeller replacement best practices.

If you have ever searched "impeller" on this site, you know you can spend hours learning from the vast experiences of the group. An hour later, I am smarter, entertained but still looking for those specifics.

I have a feeling that the impeller will need replacing soon, so want to get to the parts store today and knock it out.

My last boat was a '93 PS190 (LOVED that boat) and wondering if anyone else has had the "holy crap, the engines in these x-stars are much harder to get to" feeling!

Thanks in advance. 10 kids are already bugging me about when I'm going to get off the computer and behind the wheel.