View Full Version : Bottom wax - No buff off??

05-27-2011, 10:43 PM
I am thinking about waxing the bottom of my boat and not buffing it off to keep a thicker layer of wax on it and wanted to get some opinions. After seeing the expensive Scatt product it had me thinking why am I polishing the wax off. Why not just leave it on and let it wear away. I like to use Collonite insulator wax and when dry it doesn't seem to turn to a complete dry powder like some other waxes.

I unfortunately have to keep my boat in the water most of the season. I take it out every few weeks clean and wax. Between cleanings usually after skiing once a week I give it a scrub with a long handle brush to keep the grimmy stuff at bay. Doing this it stays pretty clean and isn't too bad when I take it out.