View Full Version : Ballast in 04 X7

05-23-2011, 09:52 PM
Hi all

I recently bought an '04 X7 and have some questions about the ballast. When i bought the boat it didn't come with a manual or anything detailing use of the ballast.

I have a switch on the console to fill/empty the sack. When I flick it to fill, it sounds like it is sucking a lot of air into the pump and the fat sack fills slowly. If i stick my finger into the discharge hole on the side of the boat (or use one of the plugs that came in the glove box that seem to fit into this hole), the pump seems to work a bit harder and actually pumps water and the bag fills a lot faster.

If I dont plug the discharge hole on the starboard side of the boat, it takes a very long time to fill the bag. Is it normal to have to plug the dischage outlet to fill the bag? Or is there something wrong with the pump. Any ideas? Im reading on various posts about replacing the impellar?

Does anyone here have any other tips on using the ballast? Are the two pipes on the port side of the boat strictly for venting purposes?

Also - how long should the bag take to fill and empty?

Thanks for all your advice! This is a great forum you have hear.

05-24-2011, 02:03 PM
See my thread on "X7 Fat Sack issues". It may interest you. My first action to improve your situation is fit a new "Green" impellor to the pump.It transformed my system. On my 2005 X7 pump is mounted on top/behind the fuel tank under the rear storage deck. Changing takes 10 mins. If that doesnt work then start investigating other possibilities. in my thread you might like the modification Ive made.