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05-23-2011, 02:12 PM
OK - Kinda long story, but I am sure the stereo gu-ru's will chime in. '09, X2, JL stock system from the factory. 4 JL TCS - towers powered by a JL 4400 amp, 4 JL- CCS, 10 " Sub powered by JL6600, WS420.

Everything was fine when I buttoned her up for the winter nap. First outing, port side front cabin started sounding bad, best I can describe, at low volume was gargling. Then Port side aft cabin started cutting in and out with a few pops.

Sunday, I started diagnosing the issue. First, checked all connections at amp, Outputs, RCA's at amp & ws420, everything was good. Next, I swapped the port and starboard forward cabins, issue moved with the swap, meaning the same speaker still gargled. Just to make sure, I jumped the RCA's directly from the head unit to bypass the ws420, same issue, second I jumped the speaker to the tower amp, same issue.

Bad speaker right??? Now the weird part, after the swap, the starboard (Driver) cabin speaker is doing the same thing, even after switching the bad speaker back to it's original spot. Is it possible for one bad speaker to create an issue (Blow the other)

FYI - When you push on the cones of the bad speaker vs the 2 that are good, there is no grinding sound, cones and rubber look good, heck they are only 4 years old! The bad speakers do clear up when the volume is cranked up, only gargle at low volume!

Thanks for any help/insight!!!

05-24-2011, 07:07 AM
My jl audio 7.7 inch in the cabin did the exact same thing. At low volume sound like crap. No noises when you push on the cone. If I cranked it up it would be okay. JL audio's warranty is useless. I called them and they said those speakers are unrepairable and out of warranty and wanted to know where I got them. Well, duh, they came with the boat. Ended up moving my tower speakers into the boat and putting hlcds in the tower. The Tower speakers are not designed for in boat, but hopfully with the baffles I installed they will last. Kind of annoying considering JL audio is supposed to be one of the best. Also considering those speakers are $400 a pair. Or $300 unauthorized sale. i.e. ebay, but NO warraty at all! If anyone can chime in where I could get them fixed I would absolutely do it. I have 4 cockpit component speakers with mint pieces, but only play clear at HIGH volume.

05-24-2011, 07:09 AM
Your amp might be your problem. My jl audio 6450 took out 1 speaker and I managed to swap to the point I blew out all 4 before getting a new amp.

05-24-2011, 10:12 AM
I had a similar problem with my 06, but I never traced it down before upgrading my amps and power distribution to them. Figured I'd wait until all that was done and se if I really needed to replace the speaker. It went away and all speakers were fine! Mine had to be a loose connection somewhere, your's may be too. The M6600 isn't big enough to blow the speaker with too much power hooked up 1:1 like your's should be right now, so unless teh amp has a bad channel that is taking out speakers, sounds like a bad connection somewhere.

05-24-2011, 12:46 PM
Its common for a speaker to have a heat damaged enamel voice coil coating/insulation or an intermittent connection between the braided terminal wire and voice coil wire. When the speaker is driven with more excursion or you manually press in on the cone or the speaker is heated from usage then the problem becomes more evident. But, the inverse (where the speaker misbehaves at lower levels and cures itself at higher levels) is very unusual. In fact I've never witnessed a single case of this. So I am also suspect of another problem other than the speaker. Completely remove the speaker from the boat environment and bench test it with another source. Of course when the raw speaker is laying there without a baffle the speaker will have no bass and little power handling but that actually helps your assessment in this case. If there is a true speaker problem you will know it instanatly when bench checked.

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05-24-2011, 03:59 PM
Thanks all - I am perplexed on this one. Pretty sure the cockpits are straight runs on the outputs to the speakers no extra connections. The reason I point to the speaker is when I moved it, from channel 2, to channel 1 the problem followed. Secondly, I ran it off of the tower amp, which all speakers sound good and the problem was still there. Best I can do is take David's advise, take it out and have it bench tested. Now I just need somebody to do it!

End of the day, I was originally impressed with JL, thinking of upgrading the amps to the new style (D) with more power, but 4 years on a speaker, boat with only 200 hours has me second guessing that thought! Ughh, hate when expensive stuff does not last!

05-24-2011, 04:14 PM
sent ya an email about testing that. As Kuhlman said though... might want to stay away from me considering my boating luck may be contagious. Going for 1/4 tonight - out running around east fork to test the new alternator/other systems before the big weekend.