View Full Version : Manually trip breakers?

05-04-2011, 09:24 AM
So id like a method of completely cutting the power from the battery to the amps. As my amps have to be externally fused as well as the fuses attached to the amp i was thinking of using a breaker similiar to this for each amp


So my question is, can that be manually tripped. It seems like if u press the red button, the lever pops out and the connection is killed. And then you push the lever back in and the connection is re established.

05-04-2011, 11:09 AM
Yes, that is exactly how the button on the breaker works.

This is what I used on mine, It is not a marine breaker, but does have the car audio style connections, just strip the 4ga wire a bit, stick it in, and clamp it down with an allen wrench.



Mind you, this is not waterproof, or as high a quality as the Blue Seas product.

The money I saved by not buying the marine style breakers, plus wire lugs for each of my 3 amps, I blew on a remote battery switch:



I have this between my house battery, and the load...including the 3x spade connectors going to the above circuit breakers.
The remote switch pictured is a Carling switch, and fits in a standard cutout on my dash.
When I leave the boat, I take the ignition key (turns off the start battery) and then hit the remote switch on my dash, which disconnects the start battery from everything else (including the amps).

Here is a partial picture of my install on the USS OverKill:


Far left breaker is opened, the breakers accepted both 4ga and 2ga wire, but it looks like the one on the ebay link above has a spacer to accept smaller gauge, also.

Bottom left is the Blue Seas ACR (automatically connects & disconnects the house & start batteries when charging)



05-04-2011, 11:13 AM
Cool. I think ill just do a breaker for each amp and then the isolator for 2nd battery.

Now i just need to find where to mount this 2nd amp...