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04-21-2011, 07:45 AM
I just bought my first Mastercraft and love it. It's a 2006 X-45 with the Indmar 8.1 closed cooling system and a 150 hours.The boat is in outstanding condition like brand new. Spent the last three days at lake Anna in Va. wake surfing with the family.The stock ballast and a 750 fat sack in the rear locker make a sweet surf wake. Now to some questions I like to ask. 1 The original owner removed the silent master muffler and installed a water strainer for the heat exchanger and ballest pumps. Great idea for keeping anything from being suck up in the exchanger and pumps but the boat is loader than I like. Can somebody either take a picture of there engine compartment or tell me how there muffler is installed. If you could tell me how long the hoses are starting from the exhaust manifold and in between any 90/45 degree elbows if needed are. 2 Is there a timer on the the ballest pumps? And will I need to change it If I install a 750 piggy back ballest system and tie it in to the over flow line? Thanks for any information you can give me. I sure I'll have more questions in the near future. will post pics soon.

05-10-2011, 03:02 PM
i just installed the 2011 silent master on my '08 X45. For some stupid reason in 2008 it was an option to have the silent master on. So my exhaust tips had a 45 degree angle built in and then it was just rubber hose to the engine. The silent master muffler has a built in 45 degree angle that connects directly with the straight pipe exhaust out the back. If you don't have the straight pipe exhaust out the back(i didn't) you will have to replace it. I will try to take pics this weekend. I had my marine shop do it and I'm glad I did because of having to take out the exhaust and replacing with straight pipes and resealing.

My understanding is that pre 2008 they didn't have timers so you should be fine with the piggy back system. I actually just ordered 2 piggy backs for mine and will let you know how it turns out :)