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Worthing skier
04-18-2011, 04:42 PM
Hi All

Run the boat out for the first time of the season last weekend , all ok , but the cranking speed sounds a bit low , volt meter showing a good 13.5v + while running .
The battery I have is at least 6 years old and in a non leasure automotive type , so I recond it has done very well .
So to avoid any issues later on I will just replace the battery , has anyone got the correct AH spec ,also the dimentions and any other advise on a good battery to purchase .
(boat now on the lake 20 miles away ).
This is for a 1993 Prostar 190 with 285hp inmar .



04-18-2011, 11:47 PM
1. If your cranking RPM is low and your battery is strong... Check your starter if its going out... It will begin to draw more power and your battery won be able to keep up.

2. Battery size. If you dont have a big stereo and dont usually play the stereo or do electrically draining things while the motor is off then buy the LARGEST Cold Cranking Amps battery you can afford, find, and fit in the location.

If you use a bunch of electrical equipment(i.e. Stereo) with the boat off then get 2 batteries. One to start your boat(largest cold cranking amps) and one to run the stereo with the boat off(large marine.RV deep cycle).

3. Best Batteries:
The best hands down= OPTIMA
2nd best=Interstate
then... I dunno... maybe a Die Hard???

People here may disagree and want you to match up amps and CC amps and other B.S. But take it from me; a degreed engineer and someone who payed for school installing stereos. Buy the Biggest, baddest, and best battery you can afford.

04-19-2011, 11:24 AM
6 years??? you definitely have gotten your money's worth. i would take into a service center (say sears) and have it checked for free otherwise it will take a dump on you and ruin a potentially great day on the water. i have a diehard marine battery which has served me very well but i do not have all the stereo, etc, high current toys either. anyway, i am able to get extended life out of my battery by simply disconnecting the ground (-) cable at the battery if the boat is not going to be used for 4 weeks or more (boat is in fla.).