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04-15-2011, 08:24 PM
Been looking for a wake surf since winter, missed a bunch of used ones on eBay, but today bit the bullet and bought a new one. Grindwater Shaka, wanted to know if anyone out here had one and what they thought, did a search didn't come up with much. I have looked them up after I bought it and saw some good reviews. I have never surfed, do I need any special rope?? also my setup is a 2002 Xstar with original ballast system with KGB how well am I gonna be set up?? Can't really be upgrading this year....already spent alot of money on new toys and new stereo!!!

04-15-2011, 08:57 PM
never ridden that board, but i can comment on the ballast and surf rope. you're going to want at least a couple more bags with that hull. last season i ran a 750 in the port rear locker, a 750 on the cabin floor about half to 3/4 full and then about 350 in the center ski locker (rear seat sac). wave is decent, but this year will be adding the fly high tube sac to the port bench for days with smaller crews and the integrated bow sac and will use the 750 on the floor still if i needed. i'd also highly recommend getting a decent surf rope. they're shorter and have knots and eva foam grips to pull yourself up into the sweet spot.

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