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Tuna Cowboy
04-14-2011, 10:17 PM
Guys...so pumped to get the boat out here soon....does anyone ride a Maristar 230 and surf? I just got mine the last weekend of the season last year....so pumped to use the boat all summer!! It's a 2000 Maristar 230 vrs...has the 330HP motor in it..anyway....it's all new to me and I'm pumped!!! And the boat is in MINT condition..had 190 hours on it!!!...borrowed a buddies wakeboard last year, sooo easy to get up and ride and play!!...i snow boarded for years.....anyway..just about 35 with family on the way!!..so pumped I bought the boat before we had kids, now they get to grow up enjoying it...and me too...and it's a wicked big boat and it's like its brand new....can you tell how pumped I am! haha....
A young fella from Montana bought it off a retired navy seals and used it for one year, so he rigged it up a little...wondering if anyones got some tips to rig it out to make the best wake it can...
It came with 2 big bladder bags or fat sacks...and it has a shower in it to fill them...I actually want to rig up a header system for the shower and have some soft lines run to these bags to fill without having to mess around....that would be convienient....also wondering if there is anything else that some knows from experience.....put them both on one side?..get a couple more?...hahah..I dunno...I'm sure alot is going to be trial and error..put I'm just soo pumped and want to get working on it here!...seeing the lake is still covered in ice tooo!! fack......haha..anyway....I got tons of ideas and questions!...this place seems so wicked for finding that stuff out.....just re-teeked my swim deck and it looks like money!!!!!...haha.....I think I will get into the wakesurfing more just by looking at video...seems a little more laid back and lesser impact...not that I'm not gonna learn how to get so air and jump the wake!!!!....used to fly on a snowboard....just found it weird for jumping the one weekend i did try last year, cause your getting pulled...anyway...thats all peanuts.....plus I grew up on the ocean..so I am used to waves a little more..didn't surf, but lived on the water....
So ya....has anyone rigged up a system on one of these to fill your fat sacks?...or am I gonna be the one of the few lone soldiers?..ha..i doubt it....Over....

04-15-2011, 12:19 PM
Sounds like a nice 230! I had an '03 230, never surfed behind it but did a lot of wakeboarding.

For wake, try (2) 750# sacs in the rear ski lockers, a sac for the front ski locker (not sure on size) and put another 750# sac in the walkway. The wake should be awesome!

Or ask these guys http://www.wakemakers.com/

Sounds like a nice low-hour boat. POST SOME PICS!

04-15-2011, 03:05 PM
For my Maristar which is the same hull as yours, I put two 400 lb tanks in the Port (left) side rear storage locker and a 400 lb sack on along the seat on floor in the cabin on the left side. This makes a pretty darn good surf wake in my opinion. I could probably even have one more up in front to level things out a bit.

Jeff d
04-15-2011, 04:57 PM
Whoa! That was a tough read. Are you from Jersey Shore?

I have the same boat. Lots of room and a nice wakeboarding wake even without a ton of ballast. I've only surfed once behind mine but only had 580 lbs on the starboard side of the engine. It was surfable with that weight but not large by most people's standards.

We usually wakeboard with about 1,000 lbs in the rear and 600 in the bow. The wake is starting to get pretty firm and large with that weight but I'm going to add more when finances permit.

Plumbing in an aftermarket automatic ballast system is something that's done pretty often. I plan to do it to mine soon because I'm tired of filling bags manually. Just do a google search for "DIY automatic ballast system" or something similar and you should find some writeups with good ideas.

If surfing is your game then I'd do 1,100 lb bags in the rear to give more flexibility. They will fit (50x24x24) in that 230VRS because it's got really large compartments by the engine. If you automate them put each side on it's own pumps/switch so that you can switch weight from side to side based on the rider's preference.

Whether you go with 750s or 1100s you will need more weight in the bow. You might be able to reuse some of the existing bags that came with the boat up there though.