View Full Version : 1993 Prostar 190 LT1 vapor lock

04-14-2011, 03:31 PM
I just started experiencing vapor lock with my 1993 Prostar 190. It has the Corvette LT1 motor. I heard that this is a known problem and that Mastercraft has a kit to address the issue. Has anybody else experienced this and if the kit is available where can I get it.

Thanks for all the help

Rockymtn - yes we ski on water in Colorado....not just the frozen stuff

04-15-2011, 07:31 AM
Isn't that what Mav and Goose were caught in?

04-15-2011, 09:14 AM
Isn't that what Mav and Goose were caught in?

Nope that would be jet wash!


04-15-2011, 09:17 AM
Huh? I have never heard such a thing before. Unlikely that an EFI engine could suffer from vapor lock. Its more likely that it is losing pressure for some reason, like a pump going down or a restriction at the pump inlet. What's your engine running like?

04-15-2011, 09:33 PM
Vapor lock does occur if you don't have an in tank fuel pump. I used to have vapor lock problems with my 97 lt-1 on hot days. There are two things you can do to help prevent it. One is leave your blower running all the time to keep the heat down in the engine compartment. The second is to crack open the engine cover when you have the engine off to get fresh air in there to cool down the engine compartment.

04-15-2011, 11:14 PM
Interesting for sure! I mean I can kind of see where you are coming from. The fuel delivery design on my LT-1 has the pump mounted to the back of the engine. The inlet of course goes from the pump back to the tank, and my fuel lines are routed right down the stringer above the exhaust muffler. So, there obviously could be some latent heat being transferred plus add in the lower pressure created from the pump drawing fuel from the tank... interesting for sure :) stuff boils at a lower pressure!

04-16-2011, 10:09 AM
I have been told that the 10% ethanol fuel magnifies the problem. Indmare has a secondary pump available that should solve the problem, it was around $300.00 iirc.