View Full Version : secondary battery location in a 197

04-10-2011, 02:00 AM
Hey guys,
I have an '07 197 and know I'm eventually going to be needing a secondary battery to run the stereo amps I'll be getting (dead starts are no fun...been there done that). So....anyway, I've been trying to find posts on this and saw Sodar put his behind his footplate (although I truely don't know how he got it back there!) and I know a couple others have installed it under the passenger's seat, but I want a cleaner, accessible location. What I'm wondering is this...does anyone know the construction of the floor in the '07 197? Is there a void below the floorboard right to the left of the factory battery location? If so...any reason not to cut into the floor and make a twin compartment right next to the factory one? Another location I've considered is the "glove box" in the floor. I didn't measure the depth, but would think that even if a standard deep cycle didn't fit, there must be some battery out there that would. Anyone have thoughts to add to the topic as I consider my options. Obviously the glove box would be the easier of the two....why hasn't anyone else used this space, or have they?

04-10-2011, 06:51 AM
Check out Sodar's stereo install thread. He also added a second battery.