View Full Version : Wood in transom on 88 190 Prostar??

03-24-2011, 02:20 PM
Pulled out my tank a couple of weeks ago to clean it out, noticed when I was looking around at back side of transom that the backing plates for the D-rings on the transom appeared to be rotted out wood.
From reading the forum my impression is there is little to no wood on this year of boat, please take a look at pictues and let me know if I am interpreting them corrrectly as far as rotted out wood. Both port and STBD side have same look and feel soft when poked. Is there any wood on the transom???
Am intending on cutting out the fibreglass to expose soft area and then cutting some vinyl sheet as used in lavatory partitions to replace what appears to be the rotted wood backing plates.

03-24-2011, 03:36 PM
Hope your restoration is going well. I think the statement is that there was no "structural" wood used - i.e. the stringers in the older hulls were wood and ultimately rotted out. I think you have diagnosed what you have - wood backing plates and your proposed fix is a good one. I had an 89 PS and I think the floor decking was wood also but it may have been composite. You can also buy PVC lumber which would work well also as a backing plate. I have a 92 PS and the side panels are plywood which when I installed the stereo speakers had water damage but were still OK - if I ever replace the vinyl I would change those out to a composite board - anything on a boat you can do out of plastic is great.