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03-21-2011, 11:30 PM
Hey everyone, I would like to clean the outside and inside of the boat tomorrow and need some tips on what I should purchase to do so. There is some hard water or oxidation on the hull. I also removed some stickers and the outline of them are still visible that I would like to get off. There has to be some special recipes or stuff that is proven to work for doing all this.

Jeff d
03-22-2011, 01:00 AM
Have fun with the decal shadow. Depending on how bad it is it can be near impossible to completely eliminate it but you should be able to reduce it.

Here's how I got rid of 96% of the 11 year old MariStar shadow that was on the off white sides of my boat:
-Wet sand with P600 until it's almost where you want it. Avoid sharp edges and raised features in the hull because it will cut fast.
-Wet sand with P800 until it's you're happy with the result accept for it's glossiness.
-Wet sand with P1000 just to even up the surface and remove all of your P800 scratches
-Compound with 3M Imperial Compound Finishing Material and a 3M SuperBuff pad on a rotary buffer
-Polish with 3M Perfect It
-Wax with whatever you like

I would try just the compound first and see if you can accomplish what you want. If it doesn't get you there then try P1000 wet sanding and so on and so forth. Once you find out where you need to start then you can avoid taking off more than you need to. That gelcoat was surprisingly thick on my boat. I sanded (by hand) for like 45 minutes on a 50"x1' or so area with the various grits and no sign of it thinning out too much. I also had a semi-deep scratch in one side and I sanded forever in one little spot and never made it through. Got rid of that scratch though.

Jeff d
03-22-2011, 01:03 AM
BTW this is the buffer I used:

The pad that comes with it isn't very good so I got a 3M SuperBuff and the appropriate adapter. The SuperBuff pads are a bit expensive but they are double sided. With that adapter on your buffer you can remove the pad, flip it over and put it back on.

Jeff d
03-22-2011, 01:06 AM
Also, if you have a white hull try some Oxalic acid in a couple of spots and see if your hull is stained. You might be surprised at the result. It's the active ingredient in a lot of toilet bowl cleaners so some members use that but you can also buy official Hull Cleaners that have the same acid in them.