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03-20-2011, 03:25 PM
So guys I just picked up my first mastercraft. 02 Sammy Duval 209. Yesterday took it out for the first time after the test drive. Literally picked it up the day of the test drive and evidently the PO took the drain plug out and put it in the glove box. So yea ended up almost going down and had to hand tow it in. What actions should I take as far as oil changes, etc to ensure no future damage is done from this?

Also what are some good direct replacements for the factory ballasts? I got handed a pair of v drive sacs and another sac but not sure if they will work as direct replacements for under the back bench and in front.

Thanks for any help guys

03-20-2011, 09:28 PM
Here is some info regarding the ballast that I had a question about recently... this should be pretty much all you need to know about it...


03-23-2011, 01:30 PM
How high did the water level get in the bilge compartment? If it was over the transmission then you need to check the fluid to check for contamination. It should appear translucent pink in color, if it's frothy, white, or looks like a strawberry milkshake it has water in it and needs to be flushed.

The water would need to be pretty high for the engine oil to be a concern, but you can certainly check it for contamination as well. If it's white, grey, chalky or frothy then you need to change it and flush the block.

Chances are you won't have to do either of the above items, but it's a good idea to check.

Fly High's Center Locker/Rear Seat Sac (http://www.wakemakers.com/fly-high-rear-seat-sac.html) is the recommended bag for both the rear seat and center locker locations in that boat.