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03-20-2011, 08:28 AM
hey the title is tongue in check so dont take offence.seeing you poor buggas are huddled up inside while we are out enjoy the lakes.anway i am from oz and i have a few questions as no one here seems to know much as not many have a mastercraft let alone a x14.
1. i am skiing off 65ft rope i feel the wake of the boat is still quite high as i am trying to learn to slalom.
2. when cruising along towing a wakeboard or whatever i notice the speed goes up and down
so i have to constantly have my hand on throttle adjusting it.
3.i noticed a guy order a new boat on here with a high altitude prop(what is that)
i have just changed from a 3 to 4 but havent really noticed any difference.
so if anyone can give me any advice or are having the same problems that would be good.
thanks a lot

03-20-2011, 08:50 AM
1)Don't know what kind of rope you got but usually long line is 15 feet off a 75 feet rope so you're good at 65 feet of rope.
2)Get a speed control system.
3)Don't think high altitude prop apply to you in Australia?What will you mostly do with the boat?

And finally,soon it will be summer here and winter at your place!!!:D

03-20-2011, 08:51 AM
good day down under ...been to Australia several times .. terrific place. I also have an X14, MCX and ski, wakeboard and barefoot ... haven't had a full cup of coffee yet but here goes

1. Ski ropes start at 75' and have take off loops ... i always take the first 15' off (60'). My X14 will ski nice at 28' off (47' total) and that is usually around 32-34 mph, but that is a little fast if you are just learning ... slower you go the wake will be bigger ... make sure you are on an edge crossing the wake .. ski flat and you will bounce

2. Wakeboard speed is a difficult one to drive manually because the boat is at the transition of planing out and wants to go a little faster ... do you use perfect pass or MC control? If you dont have either of those, you will have to constantly adjust the throttle to keep that perfect wakeboard speed ... we also call perfect pass the marriage saver up here

3. Here is a link to another thread on altitude props with some info ... basically you loose 3% HP for each 1000' of elevation. In order to compensate, you can either install a supercharger or change the pitch on your prop ... which is lowering the pitch 1-2"

This is a great place to ask question as there are lots of very experience people here .. many of whom love to talk!


03-20-2011, 12:52 PM
hey guys thanks for replying as to the rope i worked it out wrong as we are in metres.its 23 which is 75ft plus i added another say 5 ft and skiing from the tower.what you mean when you say 15 feet off a 75 feet rope and at 28' off (47' total) ?.yes i do have the perfect pass but havent worked it out yet.for some reason it was set low we accidently had it on and the boat wouldnt go over 3500rpm had the service guy come out in the water trying to work it out.so when we found out it was on we make sure its always off until we learn how to set it .maybe we should start reading the book.as to the prop i wont worry about that. and to skiing yeh i am going straight across its like i am trying to jump it.so what your saying is i have to have the ski kinda on its side?
once again thanks a lot.

03-20-2011, 01:56 PM
2RLake is telling you his rope is "28 off" from 75', or 75' - 28' = 47' remaining rope. So, use a 47' or 14 meter rope. It is very common to start at "15 off", which results in a 60' rope. He is telling you the X14 hull has a better ski wake at 28 off.

You should absolutely figure out perfect pass, especially for wakeboarding. If you are just starting, skiing, it may be worth a quick lesson if that is available. Otherwise, there are many videos you can purchase or plenty of stuff on youtube to look at.


03-20-2011, 10:16 PM
Time for you crazy Oz's to stop having made smexy parties in the bathrooms of most of you clubs!!!

j/k keep of the good work.

03-21-2011, 02:39 AM
Hello mybobtail,I wouldn't get to smart with the winter/summer thing, as our Canadian cousin has noted, we will soon be hibernating.
There are plenty of people in Australia that can help you with your questions, you've just got to know who to ask. (I don't want the yanks thinking we're dumb). As far as the ski rope goes, work in metres, it is the correct way to describe a rope length. I would also assume you have a standard 21.5m rope and a 1.5m handle = 23m (75') as 2RLake & Ben suggested you may be better shortening your rope a little, to maybe 18.25m, as with most boats the closer you go to the boat the better the wake should be, but in saying that, the wake size will also be reflected by the speed the boat is going.

03-21-2011, 09:09 AM
... we also call perfect pass the marriage saver up here

:D:D awesome

03-22-2011, 12:10 PM
no worries aussie mc so let me know who to ask and ask i will.we are skiing again this friday as we know over here it is POETS DAY . and i am going to check everything again ie rope lenghts and speed and will try a few different speeds as well to see how the wake is .