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03-12-2011, 04:30 PM
hello, new to this forum, tomorrow driving 300 miles to look at and probably purchase a 1994 vrs 225, currently own a straight inboard nautique, never owned a v drive or mastercraft before, what should i look for to make sure this is a good boat? is there any wood in a 1994 mastercraft? had problems with rotting wood stringers on a supra many years ago and i do not ant to get into that again. this 225 is powered with a 275hp tbi indmar, is that sufficient for a boat of this size? any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

03-12-2011, 06:38 PM
First, welcome to the forum!

I"ve never owned a 225VRS, but I did own an '03 230VRS, a 1994 prostar 190 and presently an '05 X-star. That 225 should not have any wood in it, so no problem with stringers.
If you're a diehard slalom course skier, this boat would not be your first choice. It will not come close to the handling and ski wake of a direct drive. However for recreational skiing and wakeboarding it should be fine. IMHO it may be a bit under-powered with that engine, but with the correct prop for your needs you may be okay. (perhaps a 225 owner can comment on this). Still don't expect more than 40-42 mph top speed if that.

What do you intend to use it for? Slalom? Wakeboard?

I would at least do a compression test on it, how many hours does it have?
A marine survey would not be a bad idea either, since it's a '94.

03-13-2011, 08:31 AM
I bought a 95 225 back in September. I've only had it out a few times. I have what I'll call refurbished it, if you call it that. It didn't need a lot of work other than changing some lightbulbs and a good shining up. I believe the difference between yours and mine is that yours is carbureted and mine is EFI.

Mine topped out at 43. When refurbishing it, you can tell it is a well made boat, no wood, etc. The wake is definitely manageble skiing, but you could do better with a PS190. It will suit our needs well with lots of room, recreational skiing and wakeboarding. I think it's the perfect fit for our family...

03-13-2011, 10:13 AM
I had a 95 200VRS with the same motor. It was throttle body EFI and had decals all over it saying so. I would expect the 94 225 to be the same. I have a friend with the 225 and the 275HP motor and the boat runs fine, no problems with power. Don't forget that these boats were lighter than the newer comparable models and didn't have all the bling, stereos and ballast systems like the newer boats.

The down side to this boat IMO will be the platform as it is built into the hull design and will be very small. I found it to be all but useless for slalom. From a performance perspective I found my boat to have a much better slalom wake than my current 07 X2, a good wakeboard wake and a very good surf wake when properly weighted.

Construction on my boat was top notch. The floor and sun deck were aluminum honeycomb the rest of the boat is all fiberglass. Handling on my boat was very good although if you're used to a true inboard you'll be somewhat disappointed. What the boat lacks in handling in comparison to the straight inboard it will more than makeup for in comfort, storage and usability if you plan to use it with a number or friends or have a family.

On a boat this age you're going to want to look at all the normal things you would on any older boat (engine, trailer, interior condition). As stated above the only thing that would stop me from buying another one is the platform so you may want to really look this over to be sure you can live with it.

03-13-2011, 11:01 AM
A good friend of mine has that boat and has owned it for 5 years now. I agree with what the others have said above. It is a great all around type of boat. You aren't going to have world class wakes with either slalom or boarding, but you can definitely make it work. It's perfect for what he was looking for though.

With the 14 x 18 prop that is on his boat, it will hit 48 mph with two in it, which IMO is unnecessary. The boat has more than enough power with that engine, but if we all load in for a wakeboard run with 8 people and 800 lbs of fat sacks, it does tend to take a little longer to plane, go figure...lol. A different prop would obviously change that.

There are no wood stringers, so you are good there. It does tend to handle like a bus in comparison to my Tristar, but it also 4 feet larger! As you would expect, it is much better in rougher water than mine though. He bought it because he uses the boat on a river mostly and needs to take everything with him when they are out all day. It has tons of storage.

Bottom line, he'd rather have his boat, and I'd rather have mine. We use mine to ski, his to board. Works for us.