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03-10-2011, 05:51 PM
Hello All,

I'm doing my first boat upgrade project on my 2010 X-15, minor as it may be. I just got my Guest 2611A dual battery changer and looking to start the installation.

What location is your charger installed at? Aftermarket location or manufacture installed? Boat model?

At first thought I would install it just forward of the batteries where to cooler sits under the cushion (gluing a block to the inside hull and then attaching the charger the the block).

Then I thought a better idea would be just behind the batteries, mounting it on the panel that separates the engine compartment from the rear port side storage area; on the side facing away from the engine. There seems to be enough room on the panel that has the battery switch and distribution panel. The ACR is on the other side facing the engine. This seems ideal as I would not be attaching anything to the hull.

Thoughts and opinions?

03-10-2011, 06:34 PM
2007 X2
mine is factory instal
charger mounted next to (main) batteries which is next to cooler compartment - my second battery is under observer seat basically
charger is screwed to carpeted block next to No1 battery
power connecting plug for mains power is in rear panel below rear seats closer to the port side if that makes sense
to avoid "long" leads, you would want the charger to be as close to the batteries as possible.....

03-11-2011, 11:15 AM
I installed mine on the fixed portion of the divider between the engine comp and the rear port storage as well, except put it in the engine compartment and ran the receptacle to the port rear storage.
If that's where your batt switch, ACR, etc is, seems like the logical place to tie in the charger. Make sure you figure out how to isolate the batteries for charging so the ACR isn't linking both banks during recharge.

03-11-2011, 11:49 AM
Make sure you figure out how to isolate the batteries for charging so the ACR isn't linking both banks during recharge.

So I have a Battery switch (Blue Sea 0951) that has Off, On (but joined by Voltage Sensitive Relay -BEP Marine Dual Circuit Plus 6011), and Joined.

Thinking about this and the wiring, even though the Battery Switch is off, the VSR would have the battries joined (assuming it senses the correct voltage), so I need a kill switch.

Other posts reference using a single battery charger to charge both batteries because of the VSR. Any harm in having the dual charger hooked to both batteries without a kill switch to disable the VSR?

03-11-2011, 12:28 PM
I just went through this discussion before installing mine, see the "Onboard battery charger" thread a few lines down.
In short, yes, charging multiple batteries, presumably with different states of discharge, off of a single bank charger, or a multi bank charger linked together acting as a big single bank charger, can shorten the lifespan of one or more of the batteries due to overcharging.

I have a start battery that runs all of the OEM boat functions (starter, guages, ballast,etc) and a house battery that only powers the audio amps. They are completely isolated form each other save for the ACR linking them for alternator charging.
I hooked the single bank charger to the +/- at the starter/engine block as that was the msot convienent place for me. The charging path follows to the dist blocks for the start/boat functions and from there is directly linked to the start battery and indirectly linked to the house battery thru the ACR. Knowing that the house battery gets more discharged (amps), it will need more re-freshing between outings. (Don't need anything but a maintainer for the start battery as the loads aren't that great.)
I will install a cut off switch on the + lead going to the start battery to isolate that battery during re-charging, but have the ability to use the single bank charger for maintenance mode in the off season. This will allow the ACR to "link" the house battery only up to the charger without charging the start battery. I was trying to design my whole system with no manual cut off switches, but it will be necessary to have the one switch in order to ensure not overcharging the start battery.
From your last post, but not being able to totally visualize how the system is set up, you'll need a cut off to keep the ACR from linking. A simple on/off switch on one of the leads from the ACR will accomplish this, assuming the charger leads are connected downstream of the switch (ie directly to the battery).
The way I did it may be a little backasswards, but I was trying to minimize additional wiring (there's enough of that in the boat already!) and still keep it pretty much plug and play for charging the house battery.