View Full Version : Looking to trade a Gunmetal Flake X2 fiberglass platform

03-03-2011, 12:16 PM
Since I am looking to trade, rather than sell, I thoguht I would put this in general disc. rather than the market place.

On our 2010 X2, we have a gunmetal flake (dark grey) fiberglass platform with the folding platform brackets on it. While I like the look, I am leaning on switching to a teak platform so that I dont have to be so anal about folks sitting on this platform to put their boards on rather than being able to stand on it and put their boards on. (I like the former so the boards do not scratch the platform).

Anyone with a new hull style X2 with a folding teak platform interested in trading?

I would prefer a local trade as shipping would be hundreds on something this big.

We are right outside of Raleigh, NC

I will post pics when I get home later.