View Full Version : Stars and Stripes guys am I not the only one who does this....

03-02-2011, 10:59 AM
It is still at least a month and a half before I can even think of launching my boat in the water after buying it late last year and giving it a nice restoration. So being still winter here in Chicago I find my self typing in "stars and stripes" in the search function and reading all the threads on this boat and drooling over the pictures.

Am I not the only one who does this!


03-02-2011, 11:06 AM
Been there....done that....got the t-shirt

GT500 MC
03-02-2011, 11:23 AM
You are not alone brother. Bought my '10 x14v in early October, got 3 hours on it, and since have had to rely on TT to get me through the winter.

'78 Starz & Stripes
03-02-2011, 12:03 PM
TT is a great thing! I have gotten a ton of help with my S&S from the gang here. I still do the Stars & Stripes search, myself!

03-02-2011, 12:20 PM
Nothing new to that. If I had my boat in heated indoor storage, I would probably spend too much time just sitting behind the wheel making rumbling sounds. Did a few vid clips of the boat that didn't turn out well, but I have been known to just listen to the audio.

03-02-2011, 12:23 PM
if you don't routinely do a search for something ( like a bad a$$ boat ) you don't really care about it

03-02-2011, 02:14 PM
Absolutely. I bought my 84 S&S a little over a week ago and felt very overwhelmed since I wasn't that familiar with it and it's my first boat. I started posting questions on here and have spent hours looking throught the restoration, engine, winterizing, etc. threads and have learned a ton. This site is amazing.

03-02-2011, 02:17 PM
Since im laid off this week im worked on mine everyday! Headed to the lake Friday!!!