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03-01-2011, 11:01 PM
I got a 93 Prostar 205. And i have the normal master craft cover. Few questions... I will be docking the boat on a slip all summer and the cover i have now Doesn't keep the water out fully and also the UVs from the sun. I have a Monster tower right now and the cover was tailored to fit. The cover is meant to be on while the boat is on the trailer. It has straps for the trailer. I was thinking about buy a new cover to keep the water and sun out. Also a cover that will stay on in bad weather. Any suggestions guys?


03-02-2011, 07:17 AM
I use a trailable cover for moring as well. Bart's has suction cups for $10 a set to take the place of the tie downs. Check them out this may get you by for a while.

03-02-2011, 08:05 AM
There are several covers that members seem to be drawn to on this site. Evolution and skiboatcovers.com seem to be the two of the top recommended. Depending on how much effort you willing to take to put the cover on and exactly how your boat will be stored on the lake (shore station, covered well, in/out of the water etc.) will determine the style you should purchase.

If you plan to put your boat on a lift and don't mind the extra effort of using a waterline or cover with side panels these style covers will provide the most protection from UV. They will also require more effort to put and and take off. In my case these were not an option as my boat sits off the water pretty high and I can't (won't) walk around it due to the weeds and muck. With this in mind I purchased a traditional cover for skiboatcovers.com. Can't Repeat posted pictures of the water line cover from skiboatcovers.com I really wanted but didn't go with due to my storage situation.

You'll also want to look at material. The top products right now are Subrella and Top Gun. Both are expensive but will last a long time and preform well. Sunbrella breaths which is very helpful if you put your boat away wet and will help keep mildew at a minimum. The down side is that you'll need to waterproof it every year. Top Gun is much more waterproof but it is recommended to have vents added to the cover. Probably the worst material to use is vinyl as the sun tares them up and they have a tendency to cause rot/mildew if not properly vented. I've see entire interiors ruined by these covers.

In the end your budget and your desire for a good cover will decide what you end up buying. Over the years I've learned the hard way to purchase a good cover once rather than buying several cheap covers. Once you have it on your boat it's yours and if it doesn't work well or only lasts a couple seasons you be stuck with it. Either way you should be able to find a bunch of posts about covers guys have been buying. Good luck with your search.....

03-02-2011, 09:51 AM
the cover I have now isn't fully waterproof. and the boat will be in the water at a dock all year. I'll most likely be buying another cover for the boat. I'm
just not sure what kind to get and which one will work for me. I want one that will stay on and keep the sun ad water out. I also have a monster tower...

east tx skier
03-02-2011, 09:52 AM
If you are going to be moored during the summer, but also want to trailer with the cover on, go with evolution and get them to make you a detachable skirt to protect the gelcoat from sun fade. If you don't care about trailering with it, skiboatcovers are highly recommended and can also be had as a waterline cover. Depends on how you will use it.

I have a trailerable cover with no skirt and love it. But my boat is garaged when not in use. So sun fade is not an issue for me.

03-02-2011, 11:32 PM
I want a cover just for docking it. Very rain repellent and something that will keep the suns UVs out. Also something easy to put on and take off and something that will fit snug under heavy storms. Also something that will accommodate my tower.