View Full Version : Original Steermaster Cable for Stars and Stripes

02-20-2011, 05:02 PM
Just wanted to let all of the classic Stars and Stripes owners who have not converted their steering system to a UFLEX or Teleflex system that there now appear to be some steering cables for the OEM Steermaster system available at this link:


I have an 84 Stars and Stripes which requires a 14 ft. Mark III. I refurbed my steering cable a year ago and it worked all season. However it still seems a little stiff. I have just placed an order for one of these cables and will let everyone know how it works out. It is my understanding from talking to the dealers in the past that they order these cables in bulk from time to time from the only remaining source for the same. I have been keeping an eye on their website for 6 months or so as the 14 ft. cable has been on back order for over 6 months. It now appears they have them in stock.

Once again, this is for those of you that want to keep your original OEM helm working in tip top shape and refuse to convert to a new helm like me. Honestly, the new helms are not near as good looking and are not made to fit as well without at least some minor modification. Hope this helps someone else who is looking to keep their boat as original as possible. The only real downside to not converting to a new system and helm is that the cable for the Steermaster costs more than the whole new kit from either UFLEX or Teleflex costs.