View Full Version : Slalom off water training video

Jeff Lyman
02-06-2011, 05:19 PM
It's been 3 weeks since blowing out both knees and sugery. I'm much stronger now and can get around pretty well with and without crutches. Worse part is trying to sleep with stuff rapped all over my legs and being stuck in the house for days on end. Thanks toTEAM TALK for helping me keep my sanity, great bunch.

Monday night I'm meeting with a sports trainer at the gym for upper body and core workouts (and to assist in just standing up!). The knee rehab starts 3 or 4 more weeks from now but can't forget about the rest of this old body. I like to send him a ski training video that shows what we do and need, thats clear and simple for now. Is there anything out there?