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Wold x-7
01-09-2011, 07:56 PM
Im planning a trip to Powell in April, and I'm wanting to know where to go on the lake and a good area to ski at? Or if there is any other lakes in the area that might have a course on it? And where is the best place to camp at close to the water? Any thing will help.

01-09-2011, 10:10 PM
Ah, now you're in my world.

First, get THE MAP (http://www.maps4u.com/products/Folded_Map/Stan_Jones_Steve_Ward_s_Boating_and_Exploring_Map_ and_Guide_to_the_Glen_Canyon_National_Recreation_A rea.html). It's the best money you'll ever spend on your trip.

At least in the southern half of the lake, you will not have to look far for skiing water. Lake Powell has a main channel which is generally pretty choppy, but it has many, many side channels with good water. I don't know of any courses set up in the lake; the water level changes too drastically to make that a reasonable thing to do

In April, the water will still be pretty cold (50's, maybe), with cool daytime temps (high-60's). You won't have to worry much about crowds. The lake level will be at about it's lowest level of the year; it'll rise 40 feet by the end of June.

We've camped many places in the southern part of the lake - both sides of Gunsight Butte, up the San Juan, etc. Your best bet in the southern half (I've never made it north of the Escalante) is right around Gunsight and Padre Bay - there are quite a number of fine sand beaches. The San Juan isn't so good - it's mostly rock; there are a few flat shelves that make for good camping depending on the water level (the last time we were there, our previous camp was 50 feet up in the air).

Lake Powell is primitive - you must bring a toilet with you. Without one, you stand a good chance of being refused launch permission. You can easily camp 30 miles from a Marina, and there ain't no other signs of civilization out there. Cell phones work from most of the main channel, but are unlikely to work back in the side canyons.

I'm sure you'll get a few more posts here to help you out.