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01-09-2011, 01:23 AM
can someone let me know what wires they have to their tower please
my wiring is noted below and the issue I have is the grey wire....
from the tower I have a grey wire but from the loom behind the dash I only have a grey/black trace.......... unless the grey wire has vanished!!
(I had cause to pull the tower apart for a transit - wiring was pulled through as the front arms where removed for the trip)
My tower has two factory speakers with inbuilt lights

Drivers side from tower
solid grey
blue/yellow trace
grey/black trace
solid black
blue/red trace
blue/white trace

from loom behind dash
grey/black trace
solid black
blue/white trace
blue/red trace
solid black (2nd)

tower passenger side
green/black trace
solid green
purple/black trace
solid purple

with the exception of the grey - grey/black trace all the wires are joined and all speakers appear to be working as are the tower lights in the speakers

the boat has a cmd4a head deck and manual for wiring notes
grey - + front right
grey/black trace negative

thanks guys

01-09-2011, 12:49 PM
Gray, RF speaker notation is for the speaker level outputs coming off the head unit only.
If you have 2 spkrs on the tower, they are going to be the port side grn and purple wires, likely going to an amp.
Starboard side, 2 of the wires are running the lights and the other 2 pair a probably extra to wire up more speakers?
The missing gray wire was probably just cut short where it comes out of the loom. I know 07's were pre-wired for more tower accessories than 06, so looks like you have extra wires running up the tower already.

01-09-2011, 09:19 PM
The speakers are wired in parallel for 4 speakers, they jump from the outboard speakers to the inboard ones. The forward lights are the same way. Don't forget tabout the rear facing lights. there is a harness that is turned back on the left side of the boat accessible thru the rt front flip up seat. You have to plug those in if you want rear lights. I had a few issues getting everything working and then got annoyed and ran a second set of wires for the speakers. Even bought the right harness plug so everything matches.

01-10-2011, 02:25 AM
thanks fellas.thrall thanks = ever reliable!!
when the tower was being broken down for transit, I checked wiring and did noit see a problem as ALL wires ran as color coded with only a "spare"black wire which I taped back on itself as it was not being used,
When I was pulling the plugs apart, they ALL came apart real easy with the EXCEPTION of the grey/black trace wire.... took a while to try and get this one apart (all wires are male/female bullet pins with plastic protector sleeve) so I was going to cut it out of sheer frustration but I "relaxed" and decided to "nip" the plastic protector with the side cutters and then used pliers on each fitting to "pull apart"" that worked.......

when it came time to reaassemble, all wires coded back together again with the EXCEPTION of the grey/black trace....... both these wires (tower end/loom end) have a female fitting instead of male/female which makes me think that the factory "stuffed" the fittings and hence it was so hard to pry apart....... and to be frank, when I pulled them apart I did not take any notice of what the fittings where, only assumed they where male/female..........
no rear facing lights - only forward ones (on speakers) - all speakers "appear to ber working but I a going to join the grey/black trace wires as each end has a "nip" in ther plastic so they WHERE joined together...........
will do a check again to see what is working.