View Full Version : 2003 5.7L TBI Exhaust Manifolds

01-05-2011, 10:36 PM
Last run of 2010 resulted in an riser leak. Quickly realized i also needed to replace the manifolds. I went with the Osco 994's and Barr 3.5"risers. My motor has the oil dipstick located between the manifold and valve cover so the Osco presents a challenge.

The Osco is a "direct replacement", but really is not the same size. Its much tighter to the engine, by about .5" and hits the dipstick tube.
I was able to bend the tube to the outside and get them trial fitted. I broke the dipstick handle off but that was my error. Remove the dipstick prior to bending the dipstick tube if you ever need to do this. Hope to install them soon as i get some paint on them.