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12-20-2010, 05:08 PM
I'm a happy new owner of a 1998 PS190 with the LT-1 and the powerslot. I bought the boat on Halloween and skied it until the week of Thanksgiving. The only problem I've had is the stuffing box leaking like a sieve, even after adjusting it.

Now that I've got it layed-up in the garage for the winter, I'm starting on few projects. Last week I installed a Packless Sealing System after having one on my family's last boat and loving the zero maintenance of it. It really was easy to put in, and like everyone says the only difficult part is pressing the shaft from the drive coupling.

My question now is on where to plumb the water feed for it. I swapped the bleeder lines from the back of the heads to the front as Gibbons said in his post:


So now I'm looking at the two water sources at the front of the motor: One from the bubble catcher right before the upper thermostat, and the other from the head bleeder line. What I'm thinking of doing is running the head bleeder line to the port side manifold port (opposite of where it ran to when it was on the back). With the bubble catcher line I think it would be really nice to be able to run that to the PSS and just put a plug in the starboard manifold port where it used to run too.

Is this going to be ok? Am I going to overheat either the manifold or the PSS? I see two questions I need to answer. One is does the manifold need that small line water supply? I would guess no since its got a 1.25 (guessing) line running to it from the mixing thermostat. The other is will that bubble catcher fitting supply enough water to the PSS? I'm hoping someone has either done this already or will lie to me and tell me yes so I can try it out without feeling like I'm risking the boat. Thoughts?

(sorry about the terrible pics. I can't find my camera so I had to use my phone)

12-20-2010, 05:36 PM
I have a 98 PS 205 with an LT1. I installed a PSS as well. Bought mine from skidim.com. It came with a kit. The instructions say: "T-off the engine raw water cooling, port side of the engine."

Kit came with barbed 1.25"? tee and 3/8" hose (and clamps)... I would stay away from those other openings. Seem too small to me... Leave them as-is.

Other people have pictures on here where they t-eed into the raw water cooling hose, left side... Just cut with hacksaw, put in tee and you're done.

12-20-2010, 05:45 PM
See attached picture. Port side riser/exhaust manifold cooling line. Not the little hose, the big hose.

12-20-2010, 08:51 PM
My 06 is off of the main raw water line as well (from the factory). Can't remember if there's a separate tee or a fitting on the trans oil cooler. I'd shy away from running it off of the head bleeders, for no other reason than LT-1 cooling systems seem to be kind of finicky. Maybe the possibility of starving the PSS if it's only pushing bubbles?
I'd feel better tee ing off of say a heater line in lieu of the bleeder lines.
On my 06, a decent amount of water gets routed to the driveshaft. I hooked up my cold water shower line with a tee into the shaft seal line and it produces enough water to run the cold side of the shower no problem. (Thought being that I'll never be using the shower while the boat is underway anyways and it was a convienent place to pull shower water.)

12-21-2010, 02:52 AM
Thanks for getting back to me on this. After reading your posts and talking with Vince at SkiDim I think I was on the wrong track. I ordered the tee fitting from him to pull the water line right where The8ball's pic showed. I feel much better about doing it this way. The next projects are perfect pass and seat heaters. Might be a awhile since tuition has to come first.