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02-11-2009, 10:31 AM
Hey Guys and Gals,

Bay Area WaterSports is having good success at getting folks older graphics for there boats. As many of you recall we puchased a TON of stuff from MC a few years ago. The best way to get you what you need is to take a digital photo and send it to Chuck at [email protected] along w/ a telephone # that he can contact you at. The packages that we can offer are such. 1997 on back to 1968. All the OLDER graphics have been scanned and digitized.

A very few have requested 98 Stars and Stripes FULL side graphics. I do not have those and they are no longer available at MasterCraft. Also we do not have 86 Rainbow Graphics and those also are no longer available. I think that Rambo may have some, I am not sure

Here is an example of pricing. A full set of 84 Stars and Stipes 2 sides, stern, 26 stars + 2 ORIGINAL YING YANG (SILVER ORANGE AND YELLOW) $199.00 The Original YING YANG Stickers where not CHEAP Sorry. PHOTO ATTACHED

We can do a full pacakge w/o them for $158.95 The quality of the graphics are GREAT NO Pixelated edges. We had our graphics person do a great job of scanning from original stickers.

For those of you who have purchased from us give some input.

Again Chuck's email is [email protected] (813) 996 2297


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