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11-30-2010, 08:50 AM
I recently purchased my first boat.....a 1999 Prostar 205. I LOVE IT!!! This beauty looks and runs like it's brand new. I would, however, like to upgrade the stereo and add an amp and some additional speakers (it has two 6.5 MB Quarts in the driver/observer area). I can "feel" indentions for speakers in the bow cushions and the rear seat area, but was wondering what size these cutouts are for. Will 6x9's fit in these areas??

Then......the fun part......how to remove the cushions......hmmmmmm?



11-30-2010, 09:13 AM
I have nearly the same boat (98 PS 205)... went through and did the same project - I am just about done.

First, the cushions. They are held on by 7/16ths nuts/bolts that you can get to from the back of them. You will need a deep socket.

For the bow cushions... there are 4 bolts that hold them. Three are to the "rear" of the cushion (get under the observer seat) and #4 is at/near the anchor locker location. If you can, remove the stud. They screw into the cushion backer. Just remove them. Otherwise, it is hard to get the cushion off with them in and not scratch the gel coat. You'll need to take off the kick panel under the dash, driver's side to get to the back of the nuts/bolts on that side (you can get to one or two of them just by pulling up the cup holders, if you have them.)

If you have 6.5 cutouts... JL audio or Polk Audio 6.5" speakers seem to be popular. Stick with 6.5 if you can... If you go 6x9... JL audio does not make a speaker that size (I went with JBL in my boat - already had 4 cut-outs for 6x9's in the main 'cabin'/cockpit area).

I went with Clairon head unit M309. I went ahead and put in an Alpine MDX 5M amp - mounted under the observer seat. Ran Pyle RCA marine cables through bow to connect head unit to amp. I then put in a single sub woofer enclosure, approx 1 cu foot, had it sprayed with bedliner, mounted it up under the dash, driver's side. 10" JL Audio sub, 300W RMS. Ran 14 awg tinned speaker wire to amp.

If you lose any nuts or bolts... remember to always replace them with stainless. Lowe's has a stainless selection. If you need any screws, then West Marine has a better selection of those.

Good luck!

11-30-2010, 09:35 AM
Thanks for the information! That will help a TON! I hadn't thought of a subwoofer,....hmmm. My headunit (Sony CDX-F50M) has RCA outputs for a sub, so that may be an option!

12-06-2010, 12:27 PM
I was able to easily remove the driver's side "cushion" that runs from the windshield to the rear seat. The formed area for a speaker at the rear is roughly 7.75 - 8.0 inches across, so a relatively large speaker can be mounted there. I'm going to stick with 6.5" speakers, and add a subwoofer near the driver's seat to handle the bass. I'll post a picture of the process and finished product so everyone can get an idea of how easy this is!