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10-31-2010, 05:52 PM
Hi Guys!

I am now the proud owner of a 2003 Mastercraft X2 (5.7L Predator) - my first Mastercraft and I am stoked. The boat has 600 hours and is outfitted with the Perfect Pass Wakeboard Pro system. I have 2 questions:

1. While the Perfect Pass does it's job, it feels pretty slugish to react. (Overshoots by 4-5 MPH, then drops 3-4 MPH below, then back and forth for about a full minute). It does eventually settle down, but I am curious if anyone can point me towards a calibration document for tightening up the response?

2. The Throttle feels sloppy, like I have to push it pretty far to see response. From Vertical (Neutral) position, it doesn't exceed Idle until about 45 degrees, and doesn't begin to pull up on plane until at least 90 degrees. WOT is until very close to 180 degrees from vertical. The engine runs very strong, but is there anything I can do to decrease the swing range of the throttle lever from neutral to WOT? Is having the throttle at ~180 degrees for WOT typical for these boats?

Thanks so much for any help you guys might have,

10-31-2010, 09:08 PM
First, Congrats on your 1st MC and welcome to team talk!!! Second, you will find a plethora of info on this site by using the "search" function. Most subjects have been addressed before, but if not, please ask!

Ref your Perfect Pass issue, check out the Perfect Pass website and download your manual which will tell you how to calibrate your specific PP version...I'm guessing you have the DigitalPro 6.5 version or has it been upgraded to StarGazer??


Also, check out the troubleshooting and tech notes sections...

I can't help you with your throttle range question, but I am sure another X2 owner will be a long shortly.

Have fun with your new boat! mac

Big Dogg
10-31-2010, 09:30 PM
While I am not familar with your exact set up for PP on your boat, I will say that I have PP Wakeboard pro 6.5N I believe and with mine when the mph start jumping around it has a lot to do with the calibrations of NN and K(?) (not sure on the exact K value without the book in front of me) but none the less call PP or use their trouble shooting on the website and that will help you adjust your values appropriately and the boat will be less uneasy (varying speed). I have had the same issue with my throttle from time to time and in my case its always a linkage problem between the servo and the throttle cable. Best bet again would be to check the trouble shooting manual and perform a linkage test. The computer and servo will then autotighten and take the play out of the system. I do this test at least a few times a season. Also I would highly recommend using a handheld GPS and recalibrating the PP speedo, that way you know its accurate. PP is has great customer service and the trouble shooting manuel is usually more then helpful and will resolve most issues.

11-01-2010, 12:18 AM
is this the same unit as a 2007 X2?
what unit is fitted to the 200 X2?

11-01-2010, 12:08 PM
Hi Mac and Big Dogg,

Thanks for your responses guys! I'm at work, so I haven't been able to check, but just reading through the user manual seems to contain a great deal of useful information. The only part that I am still confused about, then, is the Throttle Range. Hopefully a few of the other 03-era X2 owners can chime in and let me know if it is typical to not see WOT until ~160-180 degrees from vertical on the remote throttle stick.

Thanks again guys!


11-01-2010, 12:29 PM
I have a 2005 X2, and the idle range is correct, it shouldnt be in gear until about 45 degrees. the 180 degrees for WOT seems totally excessive though, i hit WOT a little past 90, maybe 110 or 120 degrees. I would check the linkage.