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07-09-2005, 10:19 PM
I have just purchased a 1990 Maristar 240 with the 454 engine. I love the boat, but have a few questions.

1) reverse is noisy, but forward is not, is this normal?
2) before purchase, the owner installed a new prop and I kept the old one. The new one is brass color and the one that was on the boat was stainless. What is the difference in these 2 props?
3) the old owner also just installed an aftermarket electronic ignition...afterwards, the tach reads a little low, Why??

Thanks again, I LOVE THIS BOARD.


07-09-2005, 10:45 PM
Welcome to the board.

Here are the answers to your questions.

1. Completely normal so no worries

2. The old prop is stainless the new one is Nibral (Nickel, brass, aluminum) The Nibral prop is a softer metal composite which means a few things. It will ding easier should you hit something in the water, but this can be good or bad. Good in that it is the weekest link in the system and will take the impact (to an extent) of the blow thus preventing damage to the shaft strut etc. Bad in that it is more suseptable to damage. The stainless is just the opposite. The stainless however does not flex as much and generally will perform slightly better out of the hole.

There are many other things that could be different. The new prop may be a a different pitch which means different performance. On the back of the hub a number should be stamped. The first is the diameter of the prop and should be the same for each the second is the pitch and may be different.

Put Prop into the search on this board and you will find lots of info about stainless, nibral, pitch. 3blade vs. 4blade, CNC vs Forged Acme vs OJ and much more than you would probably ever want to know.

3. Could be a couple of things. First thing I would do is double check the timing. The electronic kits can throw it off a little bit. Also for some reason sometimes they cause the boat to just idle a little high or low. When I did my boat the timing didn't change but the idle was about 150 rpm to high. Quick adjustment to the idle stop on the carb and it idled perfect.

Good luck and enjoy the boat.

07-11-2005, 10:20 AM
Hey Donnie,

I've got an '89 240...my trans. makes some whinning when in reverse but no clattering or clunks so I deem it "perfect"....I did install a new trans cooler as the old one leaked water into the trans....check your fluid when warm...

My boat had a POS stainless prop with a very strange tapered insert that a thru out and bought an Acme - runs great... in fact, my stainless prop looked just like the pics you have up on your other post...

However, at the moment, my boat's in the shop - #3 cylinder tested 62 lbs. of compression sooo...apparently it just needs a valve job - my mechanic says all else looks good....the "Replace Engine " light has not come on yet... :D

HAve you done a compression check or leak down test?

I installed a Pertronix electronic iginition - seems to be just fine - my carb (yours too prolly) is a Holley 4150 dual pump - mine needs rebuilding but I wanted to sort thru this low compression thing first...

My engine hours are unknown - someone disconnected the hour meter at around 600...

Good luck with your boat