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09-17-2010, 07:55 PM
Okay, okay I'm starting to think that I must be on the slow end of the scale. I have been able to run the engine in the driveway by putting the intake hose in a bucket with a hose in the bucket filling at the same time. The problem there was that my water could not keep up to the demand of the engine. No big deal though, got reasonably warm so I changed the oil after that.

I talked to a local dealer who has experience in winterizing these boats (my local MC dealer is 2.5 hours away and charge over $700 last year) and they said they just drain the engine and do not flush with antifreeze. I would prefer flushing with AF for peace of mind.

Anyway, I've been looking and looking and I can not for the life of me find the drain plugs that I should pull. I've felt around the exhaust manifold and nothing...looked at the block and no dice. Does anyone have any pictures or better description of what I am clearly missing??

As well, where is the thermostat housing?

Thanks for the help!!

09-17-2010, 11:10 PM
The drain plugs for the engine block are on the end of short rubber hoses that come off each side of the engine block. There are no manifold plugs. On the back of each manifold is a hose that connect together. If you disconnect the hoses the manifolds will drain. The thermostat is located on the front of the engine.

The problem with the LY6 is that it is very difficult to get the engine up to temp to open the thermostat so that the antifreeze gets into the engine. I tried running antifreeze in the engine the first year I had my LY6 and I couldn't ever get any antifreeze into the engine or the heater core. Now I just drain the engine block and disconnect the hoses on the engine to make sure all of the water is drained out. I then pull the safety cord and on the kill switch and turn the engine over to make sure all of the water is out of the engine water pump. I then blow out the heater core by blowing through one of the heater core hoses. Then I pour in RV antifreeze into the hose. I leave the RV antifreeze in in the heater core and reconnect the hoses to the engine. I have done it this way now for three winters and have not had any problems. If you have any more questions let me know.

09-18-2010, 07:50 AM
Finally....it makes sense!! I was wondering what those extra short hoses where for. I thought they may have had something to do with tranny fluid.

Would you ever remove your thermostat to circulate antifreeze? I see some others in this forum have made that suggestion due to not being able to get the engine up to 160 degrees in the driveway.

The heater hoses must be the two smaller hoses heading to the front of the boat on the starboard side of the engine?

Thanks again for clearing my fog!!!!

09-19-2010, 09:04 PM
Do you have a heater? It sounds like you do. I am not sure where your hoses run on your boat, but the heater lines come off the thermostat housing.

I never thought of pulling the thermostat. That would probably work just about as easy as disconnecting the heater hoses and blowing the water out and then pouring RV antifreeze in the heater hoses.

I actually feel more comfortable draining the engine than leaving RV antifreeze in it, but that just. Either way you want to do it you will probably never have a problem.

In the spring you will get an air bubble in the thermostat and it is a pain to get it out. Your engine will tend to overheat with this thermostat setup until you get the air bubble out of it. There are two options. First rev the engine to force the air bubble out with water pressure. If that doesn't work disconnect the inlet hose into the thermostat to try and brake the vacuum in there.