View Full Version : Propeller choice X7 MCX 350HP

Philips Rudi
08-31-2010, 03:50 PM
Hi all,

I need some help. Last year I bought a Mastercraft X7 from 2008 with MCX 350 HP. Just before getting the boat, the dealer change the 3 blades propeller into a 4 blades propeller 12.5 x 12.
Now when using the boat during my holidays, I noticed that I can not get more then 4400 RPM and 68 Kph (=40mph) which I believe is not enough for the boat. The normal max RMP should be between 4800 and 5200.

So I think the previous dealer did not install the right propeller. I can not ask him anymore as he is no longer dealer of Mastercraft.

Can somebody help me to choice the right propeller or does anyone know which standard propeller is now delivered with a new X7 MCX 35 HP.

Thanks for your help.