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Jeff d
08-16-2010, 10:20 PM
I have a slightly off white trailer for my '00 230 VRS. 10 years ago it was very off white but it's faded now. The fenders were pretty chalky when I got it then I blew a tire and it messed one up. I did a cheap repair on it with fiberglass and Bondo but now I have to figure out what's my best option to refinish them.

I've seen some people bedliner their whole trailer. I saw a recent thread on here where someone with this complained that it always looked dirty because the texture held the grime. I could do them in black Duplicolor bedliner or I could have them professionally done in black or maybe even white with a fine texture. I like the utility of this because they will be durable and non slip but I don't want it to look raunchy in the long run.

I could just paint them with automotive spraypaint. Consumer spraypaint always seems so fragile though. So, I assume when I step on them and what not it would wear off. I'd definitely have to do white/off white so the wear and scratches didn't show.

I could pay to have them sprayed professionally with auto quality paint. This might be more than I want to spend though.

I could get a cheap sprayer at Harbor Freight to hook up to my compressor and get a quart of auto paint from a body shop supply place and spray them myself. I'm a decent spray painter with regular spray cans. I did a whole '93 Ford Tempo in high school with Duplicolor automotive laquer spray cans and it came out pretty acceptable. Not sure how smooth I'd be with a somewhat real painting rig.

If I painted them with any of the above 3 options I'd replace the factory stick on rubber grip tape to try to reduce the wear in high traffic spots. If I did bedliner I wouldn't put the grip tape on.

Any ideas on what will look good and be practical without spending too much money?

08-16-2010, 10:35 PM
Do not bedliner your trailer. Have friend that did that and it looks like ****. Repaint with a good quality automotive paint

east tx skier
08-16-2010, 10:37 PM
Or, if you really want to spend some money, you could have them sprayed with gel coat. I'd paint 'em.