View Full Version : Need to re-secure driver's seat.

08-15-2010, 07:28 PM
Was out on the water today and was driving. I adjusted the seat a little to the rear and with a PANG! the driver's seat suddenly tilted back.

I stopped and looked down and the five front screws mounting it to the deck had all stripped out, violently. I didn't push hard or force anything. I can presume that the rear screws, (being the "hinge") hogged out the floor a little, or otherwise upset their mounting holes.

I was able to set the seat back down and as long as I didn't fiddle with it or push it back, it stayed put the rest of the day.

The boat is 25 years old, but I still think this shouldn't have happened.

Anyway, how to fix it? Screw in oversize screws?

And what does this mean? The floor is delaminating? Do I need to begin major floor repairs? The boat is an '85 S&S, which should be all-composite.

How to re-secure the seat?


08-15-2010, 08:13 PM
I replaced every screw that fastened the seats or floor in my 85 with a thing called Plus-Nuts (Nutsert) uses 1/4 inch stainless hardware. I got them from www.libertyeng.com You never have to worry about tearing out and having to step up to a larger screw.

I put pics of the hardware in my profile pics.