View Full Version : wakeboard for kids

07-25-2010, 09:32 AM
Does anyone have good size charts for kids wakeboards? Am I better off erring on the side of too small a board or too big when teaching kids to wakeboard? What are the pros and cons of either side?

Most of the kids that come out with us are 9-12 yrs old and weigh maybe 60-80 lbs. I can choose between a 119 obviously kids board (very large, center mounted fin) or a 132 that is a high performance board (bought it used from a Hyperlite sponsored guy who gets free boards every year). We've been putting most of the kids on the 119 as the large fin makes the board less likely to slide out from under them while they figure out edging. I haven't had any of them try the 132 yet as it's relatively new to us.

How big do the kids have to get before the 119 is too small for them? After they get comfortable on the 119, I'd like to get them on a "real" board without that huge center fin so they learn to edge rather than use the fin as a crutch. How big do the kids need to get before they can/should be riding a 132?