View Full Version : Hewitt Hi-Lift 4700 lbs

07-21-2010, 02:21 PM
Anyone had any trouble with broken cables on the Hewitt Hi-Lift 4700 lb lift? I have had my lift for 4 years lifting a 22ft Chaparral 220 sx in fresh water lake. I have now snapped my 3rd cable in 4 years. Lift mechanic says hte boat is not too heavy for the lift, even with fuel and gear. Seems to work fine for a few months but then begins to sound as if it is binding in the rollers, producing a loud "chattering" sound, and cable sounds as if straining is being placed on the cable. I'm careful when raising lowering not to let slack in the cable and to make sure that cable wraps evenly on the winch spool. Lift mechanic says he's never seen a cable break on these lifts if strung correctly and not abused. Hewitt rep is likewise baffled but he hasn't seen the lift.
Anyone else had any problems? If so please answer here or respond via email to me at [email protected] Thanks for any advice/suggestions.