View Full Version : Dash removal help

07-20-2010, 11:45 PM
I want to remove the dash in my 85 S&S. The allan head screws on the front just spin after i loosen them. Any Ideas?

07-20-2010, 11:58 PM
Are you talking about the panel with the ignition, horn, hour meter, steering, switches, and fuses or the panel in the gauge pod?

07-21-2010, 12:14 AM
I had that issue a while back. On our 84, the Allen head screws are a red herring. There should be some normal type screws at the top and bottom of housing - under or behind the housing outer trim.

07-21-2010, 01:25 AM
I'm assuming you are trying to get to your voltmeter after reading your field wire thread. The gauge pod on my '84 has two phillips head screws at the top and two black pins at the bottom. The piece of black trim surrounding the gauges is actually a solid panel. The allen screws are only there to attach the aluminum panel under the gauges to this black plastic panel. They have washers and nuts on the backside and that's why they are just spinning. So, basically remove whatever is holding the black plastic to the fiberglass housing and the gauge panel will pull out toward you. The wires should have a quick connectors and the speedos will have tubing attached. Disconnect them all and the gauges should be free from the housing. The last pic shows the back of the voltmeter and the nut and washer on one of the allen screws.




07-21-2010, 11:04 AM
THANKS. I have been upset at that thing all night. I Hope the voltmeter is disconnected or broke, which is why its not charging.....