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07-17-2010, 08:01 PM
hey all, i have a 1978 19 skier i am wanting to install some tunes in. once upon a time it did have a circa early eighties no name cassette player and 4" sparkomatic speakers. needless to say i have abandoned this equipment and wish to up grade.

budget is a big determining factor in this build so i am trying to buy wisely and using used equipment to keep the costs down.

i purchased a fusion ms-ip500 for a head unit. fusion claims 70w max output x 4 with 2 additional "zones" needing external amps. i will be using the prior deck's location (under the drivers seat facing port) as there is no other place for it. i am hoping to get a remote to use in the second speedo position, that my boat doesn't have.

mounting speakers has me puzzled though. in this boat there isn't any interior paneling. the sparkomatic's were mounted under the observers seat facing starboard and under the driver seat facing forward. i don't see how much could have been heard with them.
i would like to go with a bigger speaker. i have a pair of 6x9 jbl marine speakers and a pair of 6.5" polk dx speakers to use, i just don't know where. i may end up having to build a panel from the rear seat forward with mounting areas and some storage. that doesn't put much sound up front for the driver but at least the passengers have some tunes.

any ideas are welcome


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Sorry that I dont have better pics of the speaker box's.

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07-17-2010, 10:11 PM
I built a pod to relocate the speaker for which the OEM location was on the kickboard (not to great for reflection to the driver's ears). Built a small frame with dowels to support an MDF ring. Put some stretchy material on that, coated it with resin, topped that with bondo, sanded, carpeted, attached speaker, mounted to hull. Not as difficult as I would have imagined never having worked with resin, fiberglass, etc. The only thing I farmed out was the carpeting (I don't do contours).

Something like this might work for you.