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07-14-2010, 10:53 PM
Speaking of fuel pumps . . . I've got a '96 350 TBI Prostar. It has the fuel pump externally mounted towards the back of the engine. Had a heck of time last week with intermittent fuel flow. Started fine in the driveway so I drove five minutes to the ramp and it wouldn't start. Brought it home, mucked with the fuel filters and it started fine. Took it to the ramp and it would not start. Repeat 3 times. Finally, in the water and it ran great for 3 hours then nothing. Died and wouldn't start.

I'm getting 12 V of power at the fuel pump but the pump is not pumping fuel. Nothing coming out of the injectors but it fires with ether. Also, I disconnected the fuel line above the pump and tried to pump fuel into a bottle and got nothing. I also do not hear the pump pressurizing the system when I turn the key. I replaced the two relays and still get no fuel.

The week prior to this I replaced the sending unit in the tank, the two fuel filters, and the fuel guage and it ran great for three days. I let it sit for five days then encountered these problems.

So, is it my fuel pump?

07-15-2010, 09:43 AM
If you're getting 12V at the pump for 2-3 sec when turning the key on (prime/pressurize), but pump is not running or making pressure, then it's the pump I'd say.
Just a coincidence with the other work done or maybe you stirred up some crap in the tank that plugged the pump and helped kill it.
Going on 15yrs old if it's the orig is good life for a fuel pump.