View Full Version : 2005 x10 surf tips

07-12-2010, 12:35 PM
got a good deal on a x10 with 115 hrs had her for 2 weeks, first boat so pretty happy. Trying to dial in the surf wake.
1) Wondering about if I need more weight in the bow for this boat.
Last time out had stock port ballast, with 750 sumo bag (not completely filled), and centre ballast with 300 sumo down the middle. Wife and kids were in the bow probably 175 lbs between them, with driver being 175. Speed, a hair over 10mph. Lake was not glass and pretty busy. I also have 2 more 225 bags that i didnt use.

2) Also should the driver slightly arc the boat on the side of the skier.

3) rider weight 180 lbs, board liquid force venture 5.0. It went really well probably could have gotten of the rope for a bit, but nobody was there to receive. Also is the board the right size or something longer is needed.

Everything is trial and error, never done any is this before and my friends dont have these boats, closest inboard dealer is 2 hours away.

will post pics, probably head out weds night. Anyhow, Im on Ramsey lake Sudbury Ontario, Cheers.

07-12-2010, 06:57 PM
Don't have any experience with your boat but here's our set up for a 2003 X2...

Center & Port side factory ballast full.
Approximately #550 in fatsacs in the port rear locker.
Approximately #200 in a fatsac under the port side seat bench.
#400 pounds in a fatsac on the floor up against the port side seat bench.
#350 pounds in a fatsac on the floor of the bow.

Plus anywhere from #300 to #500 in people sitting on the port side.

We run 10.3 to 10.7mph. The wave is huge, although I'd like more length.

Generally, the longer the board is the easier it will be for a person to hold on to the wave. The smaller boards are more responsive and more fun though.