View Full Version : Fuel problem"1995" pro star 190

07-05-2010, 10:29 PM
Boat ran fine last year. Was in storage all winter. Put in water 1st of May would run but would not go over 10mph. Left it at local marina and after 3 weeks he was lost said it had 52 pounds of fuel pressure, had replace throttle body senser but still would not run. Took to Mastercraft Dealer. He was busy so after 4 weeks he called and said it was fixed said it was just a dirty throttle body injector had put seafome thru it and injector cleaner and fresh gas in tank. Put in lake July 2 at night it seemed to run fine. got it out the next day started up the lake at 35mph as we went it kept slowing down till it got to 8-10mph and that was it. was 4-5 mile from dock it ran all the way back at 7-9mph as if you tried to go faster it just stalled any ideas out there???