View Full Version : Wiring Diagram for Stars and Stripes, 1983

06-27-2010, 07:23 PM
Hello Everyone,

I'm working on an old '83 Stars and Stripes, and would like a wiring diagram for it. Someone butchered the switches. I can do without, just would be easier with!

Also, there are some unusual wiring harness connectors in the engine compartment that go to the engine. Mine are sort of corroded and could use replacing. Anyone know where I can get wiring harness parts like that?

Thanks in advance,

06-27-2010, 07:54 PM
Shontsy,Welcome to TT. I found this one for you hope it will help you out. Lets see some pics of that MC Boat.

08-30-2016, 09:06 PM
I know this is a old post but i found thid diagrahm but i cant copy and paste it to print it out can anyone help me and email it to me so i can print it out please?
here is my email
[email protected]